Clean Green BioRestorer


For All Applications Including General Use and Pressure Washing
Water Based • Biodegradable • Safer Then Muriatic & Hcl Acid • Non-Corrosive To Skin • Non-Fuming No Unstable Acid Blends • No Phosphates or VOC’s • No Noxious or Volatile Fumes. Comes in 1 gallon, 1 gallon – 4 pack, 5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drum sizes.

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Clean Green BioRestorer Concrete and Surface Restorer is a safe all-purpose solution that is water based, biodegradable and environmentally preferred. Clean Green BioRestorer Concrete and Surface Restorer is a product that replaces traditional hazardous acid cleaners. Clean Green BioRestorer Concrete and Surface Restorer formula works with excellent health and safety benefits, replacing hydrochloric, citric, phosphoric, nitric and other DOT hazardous acids. Composed of low pH organic salt combined with a special blend of cleaning agents, this product performs superbly in many cleaning and restoration projects.