The “Bio”graphy of BioWash Pro BioWash

We created BioWash Pro BioWash in the early 1990’s. Its main purpose was to be an environmentally friendly cleaning agent that removed heavy oil from the sea. Because BioWash Pro BioWash had the tremendous ability to encapsulate and disperse oil without using hazardous chemicals, our formula became the only choice for sea water cleanups involving heavy oil and grease.

Growth Spurt.

Later in 2000 we noticed that BioWash Pro BioWash was receiving amazing reviews for all kinds of different applications that involved dirt, grease and grime from people and companies that were looking for an effective, environmentally friendly product. So we introduced our product to those industries and we quickly became known as the eco-friendly, heavy-duty cleaner for grease and general multi-purpose cleaning. Maintenance crews and cleaning companies were using BioWash Pro BioWash to clean gas station pads, drive thru areas, oiled/greased concrete, hood and filter cleaning, house washes, machinery, trucks, garage floors and much, much, more. It is a multi-purpose liquid concentrate that literally breaks down the molecular bonds which lift and break down oil without any hazardous solvents or chemicals. The variety of uses with BioWash Pro BioWash are virtually unlimited.

We Were Rated and We Scored High.

We were rated by the NFPA and we tested high for having three major benefits: Safety, Effectiveness, and Environmental impact. Through growth of our product we expanded our operations and today you can add a fourth benefit – Economically Priced. BioWash Pro BioWash is made specifically with the environment in mind – our biodegradable, non-flammable formula hits hard and fast with less impact on the user and environment. Finally a water based product that really works!


Recently, BioWash Pro BioWash was reformulated and improved for general purpose cleaning and the pressure washing industry.  Plus we created an additional product line of additives to this already effective and versatile cleaner and degreaser so it can be used to clean roof tops, glass and odorous items like garbage cans and dumpsters.

Whether you are removing old accumulated food grease on kitchen hoods or doing general cleaning around your house – the cleaning potential of BioWash Pro BioWash is virtually limitless! Removes oil, grease and dirt from virtually any washable surface. Plus, it’s so economical and environmentally friendly making BioWash Pro BioWash the best choice at the best price.

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