Clean Green BioPeak


Allows dwell time for cleaning roofs and vertical surfaces.
Water Based • Biodegradable • Exceeds Environmental Standards • Bleach & Chlorine Stable
Non-Flammable • No Noxious or Volatile Fumes


Clean Green BioPeak is a SAFE All-purpose solution that is water based, biodegradable and environmentally responsible with a zero rating in the three NFPA categories of Health, flammability and reactivity when diluted. BioPeak creates a thick foam that is specially formulated to cling to roofs and vertical surfaces to increase cleaning effectiveness. BioPeak is an economical concentrate that is chlorine stable and biodegradable. BioPeak adds a copious foaming action to your roof cleaning mix that will keep the chemical where you need it, decreasing run off even on the steepest roof surfaces. This allows the necessary penetration and saturation time for the active cleaning ingredients to work on tough stains and dirt like pesky roof algae and mildew